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I think that this was a great flash animation. I had trouble hearing the characters' voices over the music or background noise though.

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Pretty nice

*May contain spoilers*

The two characters that were running away at the beginning didn't have much detail. They appeared to be slightly fleshed out stick figures. This seemed odd due to the fact that the woman at the end seemed to have more detail. Although the characters were more animated than the lady was. One more thing, the tiles on the house were oddly the same color as the house itself. Of course, realizing the absurdity of the situation and the woman at the end how do I know whether or not the house had tiles? For all I know she could have just painted lines on top of the house to make it appear as if there were tiles there (as seen from a distance because up close it would become obvious).

Anyway, I thought that the animation flowed nicely, the plot was humorous, and the sound effects were tied in nicely with the whole deal.

FroxTech responds:

It's kinda funny how one can be concerned about the color of roof tiles while there's an evil granny out there waiting to eat you.

Not bad

Everything but the character and the car seemed pretty good. Both the character and the car seemed to lack a wider range of motion or a more noticeable attention to detail.

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The game seems very basic. For me the computers keep on attacking each other without much success. The only reason they get out of bounds is because the ring is continually shrinking. Maybe a difficulty slider or options would make it more intriguing. As it is the enemies don't seem to use any tactics they just bump into each other constantly. Then at the end perhaps there could be a animation of a sumo wrestler wearing the same color belt as the winner bumping someone out of the ring. The only way to tell who wins is the voice at the end, but oddly enough the graphic seems to be the same regardless of color.

Easy mode

I tried on Skitzo mode, not a challenge. Hard mode a breeze. Medium was easy.

So I went to try Easy mode and every time I knocked the beast off the cliff the word I used to knock him off was stuck on the screen all greyed out. Such a bug would not allow me to ever knock the beast off the cliff more then once. This would happen whether or not I pressed retry or started from the main menu. So, I refreshed and the problem went away. I still wonder why it happened in the first place though.

Anyways. The background has some detail, the ground isn't very detailed (doesn't make much of a difference if you are paying attention to the words/letters at the top of the screen), the mist adds a lot to the game. The graphics were alright (but the player is probably still paying more attention to the words/letters). The overall look of the letters were nice, but the back of the letters could have used a little more than a basic backing. Perhaps if they looked like they were carved out of wood or something. Again not that important as the player is still paying a lot of attention to the letters themselves and not that particular aspect of the game.

All in all, I enjoy your games and I hope you keep making them.

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Never had a penchant for puzzles

. . . but I'm not letting that prevent me from rating this fairly.

- I enjoyed the music
- The puzzles were challenging (though I can't say I figured them out on my own)
- The graphics were good
- I particularly liked that nothing stood out.
For example, in some games and especially in cartoons certain items appear 'highlighted' which detracts from the experience.
- Tab searching was not allowed

- It was 'short' because only a couple of puzzles led to the ending
- I was not thrilled with the aspect of how the objects were 'floating in the air'
If possible you could try making them movable on the ground. Depending on the weight and shape of the object it could be harder to budge and thus require a few tries to see if anything is behind (for example, the piano). Of course I realize that this might make it more difficult coding-wise.
- While the graphics were good they could use some polishing up

That is all I could come up with, overall I think that this was a good escape game.

rosedragoness responds:

Thanks a lot falarinx!

Ya it is a short game, looking at the responds I guess I should stop making things that too short like this ;p .
There is design issue with moving objects to side, especially with the toys scene so I'm getting idea of what if I just put a simple movement for all items...

Graphic wise, I'm advancing slowly :) .

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I would like to see what sort of animation someone could fit to this. It makes me think of a rushed apprehensive curiosity in the beginning. Then around 35 seconds in it gives into a less rushed feeling. In the end it gives off the feeling of an impending climax.

Overall I think it is great.

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FairSquare responds:

Yeah, i'd like to see this in an animation too :p
Thank you for this review and i'm glad you liked it! :)

Reminds me of...

The very beginning of this tune makes me think of one of the Zelda games. Anyway, as this tune progresses it becomes more engaging. I like it very much.


It isn't my style of music, but I think that it is fairly decent.

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Great job

It seems so fitting, seeing as almost all the things in the picture appear to made out of confectionary treats. Cotton candy tree, lollipop moon, and even licorice and gummy bear fence combo.

Reminds me of the game.


I like the concept, but with the coloring from the neck down just appears different than the head itself. The head, in my opinion, looks too clean. It also looks as if the head and neck were drawn with a different style than the rest of the drawing.

An alright work

Their bodies appear too rigid. The gun seems too generic. The outside does not seem to have any detail. The first character has his eyes "popping" out of his head the way they seem attached to the glasses.

That is enough suggestions for now. And by suggestions I mean I suggest you work on those things.

This is what you asked for correct?

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Rabid-Monkey101 responds:

The gun is a Glock 17, there extremely generic to begin with... i even made from looking at one on google, yeah that generic. And the glasses are how the real Madness glasses would turn out. But thanks anyways i guess. You gave me the stuff i asked for. :)

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