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Goodbye sanity. Say hello to freedom, sweet, sweet, freedom. No more restraints on thoughts, actions, or other menial things. Let your sanity go, for if it REALLY loves you, it shall return. But if you despise it just kick it out and bolt the door shut.

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I know that my rather intriguing topic name has caught your attention and you can no longer look away. I wanted some new games for my xbox 360 so I got several. Seeing as how my hard drive was running low on memory I also purchased one of those 120gb hdds. Probably not the wisest idea seeing as how I need that money to pay for college, but I can't take it back now. If I can find a new job that would definitely offset my mistake. New job = higher pay + more hours. $$$. What a world we live in. When the economy is dependent on people purchasing consumer products we know we should change. However, who would there be to lead such a movement that would change the nation? That is a question for another time.

I was wondering whether the mail came today or not. Hard to tell when most things are either junk mail or things you order online. I hope there was no mail today, otherwise I don't know if I can trust the mail-lady. Always coming late to deliver the mail, awful. If I was a mail-person I would deliver the mail first thing in the morning. That way I would have time for everything else and not have to worry about work. On some news articles I read on Yahoo! there was reports of mail people who failed to deliver junk mail, among other things. Not that their ideas were noble, they could no longer handle the work load. Sure, it might warrant some applause, however the intentions were not noble. That in and of itself should discredit the people. Anyways I have done enough thinking for today.

If you have read this through thoroughly, I appreciate it. Feedback is welcome as long as it is not rude, spam, etc..

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